Back in hospital 4th time since Good Friday!!!!

For those that have read my posts since I joined forum I had been in hospital 3 times since Good Friday including ITU ! Well since last discharge of 3 lot of pneumonia I had not been brilliant. Needed another week of antibiotics then flixotide 50 changed to Seritide 250. Last week started steriods by Friday could not stop coughing ended up being sick!! Saw gp Friday and readmitted direct to hospital!! Oxygen,2 lots of antibiotics,2 lots of nebulisers,steriods and to top the lot thrush in mouth and throat.Have been off oxygen 24 hours now but woke at 1am coughing so bad needed another nebuliser!!!! I am getting so fed up with this desperately want to get home but still on neb am and pm and as needed between. Kinda trying to avoid nebs cos want to get home but I know I still need them!!!!!

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  • Ohhh sweetheart I am so sorry this keep going on for you. Maybe the best thing is to have as many nebs / drugs / antibiotics as they are willing to give you to hopefully get this horrid thing under control, then think about home?

    Wish there was something I could do to help.

  • So sorry that you're having such a horrible time, I've been in hospital many times because of my asthma and on some occasions I insisted on leaving to go home only to find myself back there a few days later. Please stay in hospital and get all the treatment your medical team are prescribing for you

  • Please do not avoid nebulisers. Lung infections can end up permanently damaging your lungs, so please, if your lungs feel they need the nebs then take them. Please learn from my experience over the years. Whilst there, remember to drink lots, to help thin down that horrible yucky stuff on your chest. Also, it helps when the vampire comes round!

    That nasty thrush gets most of us. Hope that clears up soon. You seem to have had a lot of trouble with pneumonia. Could you ask them to find out if you have developed enough antibodies to the Pneumovax (which I assume you have had?). I hadn't, so had to repeat it.

  • I don't know I'm 45 and had the pneumonia vaccine I think gp nurse said in 08 which used to be 10 yearly but apparently now its once in lifetime and over certain age but will ask about it.So they can do blood test to check if you have antibodies to fight pneumonia??

  • I have had the Pneumovax 3 times now, because I am not building up the immunity to it. I will hear in September if the last one has done the trick. For most people it is once, but for those of us with a funny immune system it can mean having it more than once. I think that only the respiratory or Asthma Specialist Consultant can call for these blood tests. It may not be needed for you. My immune system is so shot up due to steroids all my life

  • Thanks for the info will talk to consultant tomorrow I'm still having Ibrutropium nebs am & pm and ventolin nebs as needed

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