Good morning everyone sorry been a while but on holiday but back home today been in Kent had a lovely time the poor old lungs played up and my feet have swollen big time and knees so been in a lot of pain while being here my wrist still won't turn how they like it got physio and c the surgeon again Thursday not look looking forward to that he going to tell me off because I can't turn it to make my palm won't turn over and said if it didn't by this week it will b like this for ever and the horrid pain oh well that's me had a moan got robber sorted to go home back to Wiltshire got plenty of people to help me daughter, son and his mate and daughter driving so it's just into car and home and a stop for lunch take care everyone have a good day

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  • Hi Tracey1972 I pray in jesus name that your wrist will be healed completely and it will turn before thursday. Amen thankyou Jesus

  • Hi thank u not looking very hopeful at the moment home now and feet huge and legs hurt chest puffy X

  • glad you had a nice break away even if there were some issues. Hope all goes well with the surgeon

  • I hope you enjoyed your holiday apart from some issues.

    Good luck with your visit to the surgeon, I truly pray God will help to heal your wrist before then.

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