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So tired and no energy

Hi all,

Had a asthma attack two weeks ago today which I'm just getting over as they found out I had a chest infection as well.

What I want to know is that, I still find it hard to breathe mainly when I eat, my chest feels sore and I'm so tired, is this normal? And is there anythin i can do to bring my energy levels back up? Baked a banana cake earlier and had to sit down after :( xx

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If you're still struggling to breathe then you probably need another word with the GP. You might need a course of steroids to help shift it, or to increase your inhaled medication.

If your breathing is very bad, it's highly unlikely that you are sleeping restfully as well, even for short periods, so your energy levels are bound to be low. You can try the usual things to help you sleep better but key is probably getting the asthma back under control so you feel more energetic.


Some people hav allergies to banana.


it can take a while to build up your strength again after an asthma attack. When you start getting breathless try some breathing exercises, such as taking in a measured breath holding it and then letting it out for the same length of time you breathed in. Increase the amount of time taking in and exhaling the breath until you reach a comfortable level then try and maintain it until you feel you can breathing as naturally as possible without thinking about it.


All you can do is rest because the infection and the attack you had has exhausted you and you need time to recover. You will get back to normal eventually, but don't push it. Eating is tiring if you have been or if you are ill - allow yourself invalid food: i.e. stuff that is easy to eat and if possible get someone to just look after you. Sit back and relax - especially if you find this hard to do!


Hi. I find tiredness after an asthma exacerbation/ chest infection lasts about a month or more. In this time, you're gradually gaining energy but only if you organise frequent rest times and don't tax yourself at this time with over exertion. It's not the time for long shopping trips, spring cleaning, long walks etc. Certainly no bike rides...drives infection further into lungs I find. With these rations on energy use, life gradually gets back to normal. But rest is important while you recover. I've tried to drive through infections in the past....mind over matter and all that....but it doesn't work for asthma sufferers. You'll get there. Be kind to yourself and be patient. Good luck!


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