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Hard to control Asthma

Hi I'm having a really bad time with my Asthma.

I'm taking Nebs 3x a day of Steroid, Ventolin and Atrovent.

Inhalers of Duo Resp, Bricynal Turbo and tablets

Phyllocontin, and 3x Steroid Tablets a day.

I'm finding I wake up and my chest is super wheezy, and very tight Chested.

My Body is sooooo Bloated, Heavy Feeling which makes my Asthma even worse I'm Pernamently exhausted. And just want to sleep,( can't tho as have to go to work).

Last time I went to A&E I was sent home by a nurse who said Asthmatics don't come to A&E you go to your doctors for that...

Go to Doctors who say your on highest dose of everything.

I honestly do not know what to do

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You poor thing, I do hope things improve for you soon.

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Off for emergency GP apt now


same here . can not walk but my chest have no problem .. my breath are short . can not walk always in bed. day by day its increase.. i also some ... anxity problem.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE



Get gp to refer u to respiratory consultant. Some cheeky nurse to saybu shudnt come to a and e. If u hav breatjing problems then u need urgent help which a and e offer. In belfast there is a clinic for poor controled asthma but one needs referred. Asthmatics need all the help available just wish nursescand doctors would listen to their patients and try to understand what asthma flare up feels like. I wud be writing to complain to patients advocate if anurse ever says to mebu shudbt be at a and e. Thankfully my a and e offer excellent help and care.


I can't believe an A+E nurse said asthmatics don't come to A+E..... wow!... if you were having an attack they should have made you priority....I always go straight to resus if I have an attack.... if its just a chest infection however I get an emergency appointment with my GP who see me pretty quickly, if I can't make it to the surgery then they come see me at home...I am also seeing a respiratory consultant every 6 months or so...and an asthma nurse at my drs surgery, so if one can't help, I ask someone else.. see if they have an asthma nurse at your surgery or if you can be referred to one.. you can also call Asthma UK who can give advice over the phone....hope you get the help you need!


Yeah I see Asthma Consultant every 3-6 Mths, my Asthma Nurse ( has been of herself following surgery ) but normally see her 2-3 X a year...

My Doctors are great had urgent telephone conversation earlier today have to go down tomoz

Currently on day 3 of 8 X Pred a day and side effects are horrendous with Horrendous anger, issues, blurred vision blisters on tongue feel ill yep I'm in work but have no choice even tho I'm under Dda my managers just dont understand steroids and Allergic reactions

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I am the same hate taking time off work....only do it if I have to... took my inhalers the past week or three, used them a few times on my shift lol...


Well finally it seems the damn Pred I took at 6.15pm( last Night) is withdrawing from my body... Anger and Aggression and Bladder.. Been a horrendous shift in work ( only 1hr left) and counting...

My workplace is NOT the Best for going on sick with on going Contitions ( seem to get peanalized more) than skivers


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