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Using only saline in nebuliser; anyone?

I have been in nearly constant discomfort since March when I had a very bad chest infection. My chest feels more or less tight and painful all of the time, there is a lot of swelling in my airways causing me bad shortness of breath; I also have burning in my chest; sometimes it it is everywhere sometimes only on my left side on my shoulder blade at the back. I have squeezing sensation too. ...and I have cough. the mucus has been white or slightly yellow at times but usually white. Any physical activity, cooler air, AC, stress, air pollution etc. brings worsening in my symptoms on a daily bases... I don't think my preventer budesonide is doing its job. Cannot take Symbicort as it causes my throat to swell (even more) and gives me itching all over my upper body.

Does anyone of you with asthma use a nebuliser? Would just saline in it help with anything? My follow up appointment with the specialist is only in October... will have to have the challenge test first. I still have to be diagnosed far have been told that my symptoms do not fit asthma ??? I struggle to cope...don't see a light in the end of the tunnel as don't have any respite from my symptoms...

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I use a nebuliser all the time I do benefit from it too it's worth a go even if you use the one at the gps surgery it will let you know more or less right away


I have a nebuliser which is a Godsend when I'm really bad. Have been given saline to take with the salbutamol liquid but not sure about using it on its own. Would check that out before trying it. Hope you feel better soon



Sorry to hear your feeling so unwell.

I'm home nebuliser and have been given just saline before.

It works wonders for me but will make you cough harder for about half an hour and then things ease a bit.

Hope this helps.


If my asthma grts bad i go to gp who gives me nebuliser eith saline and salbutamol. This helpsme a bit. Since the salbutamol opens the airways its same drug as i the inhaler. Howevet saline on its own cant see how that would help open airway to help u breathe. It might loosen phelm. Sorry to hear ur so unwell. Pls go back to yr gp since u shud not hav to suffer i understand that until definite diagnosis doctors will be careful with the medicatiom they give u. Really hope u get something to help. The burning cud be acid reflux (heartburn) so maybe omeprazole might help. Take care

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I agree with @healthwish, you need to go back to GP. Saline on its own may help to loosen your phlegm. Have or are you on oral steroids? The burning could be acid reflux which unfortunately is a common side effect of the meds we take. Continue to drink lots of water to keep your phlegm loose and thin instead of thick horrible stuff. Sleep propped up on more than one pillow if you can, which again will help drain stuff from your chest. Are you on any antihistamine? As your lungs are so twitchy at the moment, I would ask for some antihistamine like ceterizine, to help with any allergic reactions going on. So, antihistamine and antacid may help some of your symptoms. It is a matter of finding which inhalers work for you as there are a few out there. I Use a Nebuliser every day with Budesinide. I have also used it for saline and also ventolin\salbutamol nebulisers. Hope some of this helps. Take paracetamol for the pain if you can.


I'm on a Neb use it 3 X a day with Steroid, Atrovent and Ventolin. Like you I also have the coughing of gunk, chesty cough that won't budge, a feeling of fullness in my belly area so uncomfortable, the weather is killing me at the moment


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