Silent wheez

Silent wheez:

Okay this is really bugging me I was under the impression that asthma also had a silent wheez an this was dangerous now I'm totally confused as no one else has mentioned it .

I have had asthma since I was 15 this year alone I have had 11 visits to a an e. Versus chest infection pneumonia 4 times this year last year only twice all his flailed up 3 years ago.

Sorry it's a ramble I'm 46 heading along the transplant rout had to leave work finding it hard to get on to benefits, even tho I have just been awarded pip.

Any feed back would be great

Mel x

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  • Silent wheeze is something I certainly have as no one can hear it - despite my chest being very tight and airways constricted and swollen etc. Exhausted! But there is no wheeze!!! I hate that silent wheeze cause the medical staff's approach is '' No wheeze - no asthma - no problem - no treatment

    !'' Cannot take it anymore!

  • An yet when I see the consultant he is in panic mode it's crazy. Even the ICU team come to say hello io see if I can string a sentence together.

    Thank you for getting back to me Malva22

  • Know what you mean. My chest has been bad for a month now. Had steroids, 2 lots of antibiotics, ambulanced to hospital 10 days wheeze so sent home with cough linctus!!!! Back at Dr's yesterday as was so bad with coughing yesterday morning I was vomiting. Dr has now put me on Montelukast to see if allergies are making it flair up :-( fingers crossed.....I'm worn out but still trying to work.

  • I'm on montelucast and it worked wonders for me

  • Hi,

    Yes I get a silent wheeze which is quite common for me now after I had a very severe chest virus. I had thought all doctors knew about but realise now that they don't. I was turned away from one doctor ("Turned away" might not be the correct term but it is how I felt - totally alone) who listened to my chest and couldn't hear a wheeze so assumed I was alright - even though I told him I couldn't breathe. He sent me away with nothing - telling me I had a virus, so medication was not going to help. (It was highly likely at this stage that bacteria had also set in.) This particular "virus" took 2 months to get over - 2 months off work and 18 months of having to sleep raised up and during those first two months I had to put my alarm on (initially every hour) just so I would wake up in time to take Ventolin before my lungs closed over and I couldn't take in the Ventolin (which is what happened the night before I saw the doctor - a very scary experience). I am now a 100% better but always on alert.

    Maybe we need to ask the medical schools to teach more on this subject.

  • Thank you for telling me about your expiriance I totally agree would be better if a few more doctors where aware of this

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