Switching back to seretide?

Anyone had any luck switching back to seretide? I was on it for years (250 midi 2-4 puffs twice daily) it's been the best inhaler I've tried, my chemist changed it to 'sirdupla' (worked ok but harsh on my mouth) still had a few problems though so went back to gp who started me on monkelust about 3 months ago, last month a locum changed me to fostfair (because she didn't recognise the other inhaler!! :O I had no question in this, although she was on about cost a lot, hardly surprising) anyway.. I've only been on this a few days and have had to use my blue inhaler a lot more frequently already, I am due to go away tomorrow and I'm worried about all the swapping/changing. I also have no idea if the tablets are working due to this. I want to speak to gp to see if I can be put back on seretide as I was comfortable with this. However the Internet has showed how Drs are trying to cut it due to cost.. Any luck for anyone else?

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  • You can ask them to put you back on seretide especially if other medications are not working effectively.

    my doc put me on seretide without any problems at all, but it was the first one they used.

  • Thanks, it's just after reading online about how they are trying to swap meds for people currently using it I can't help feeling doubtful. And if my chemist swapped it to sirdupla then I have no idea if I could even get it at all, ugh. I will ring and re post :)

  • I don't know if it makes a difference but I'm on the seretide accuhaler not the evohaler. I have accuhaler and evohaler for my ventolin (i use a spacer with the evohaler). From what I can see the sirdupla replaces the evohaler, so that might make a difference but I'm not entirely sure

  • Yes that makes complete sense. I read online they'd rather people switch to the accuhaler, I hate them things, could never suck them lol. Sounds pathetic I know lol x

  • Its not pathetic at all, we all have different ways of taking our meds which we find comfortable. if you cant use the accuhaler thats okay :)

  • That's what she said

  • hi I just like to say what's happening with first do no harm. If the inhalers worked for you then why did they change them make's no sense, it shouldn't be about money, ring surgery I would and as to speak with GP ask if you can go back to old med, they did that to my son within days is asthma went from being under control to coughing and wheezing, he was under respiratory nurse at the time she changed him straight back and wasn't happy with asthma nurse that had changed him.

    hope they change you back.😊

  • Hi I was put on Seretide by the hospital, worked brilliantly! But GP changed it to Flutiform due to cost. Not been as good and am awaiting an appointment with respiratory specialist. I can't take the accuhalers.......so damn hard to breath those things in !!!

  • Sirdupla is a 'generic' Seretide so I am surprised your Dr didn't know what it was. Ask the GP to swap you back to Seretide or Sirdupla if you were well controlled on it. With regards to Seretide the maximum dose is 2 puffs twice/day and 4 puffs/day isn't real recommended.


  • I've been recommended by several Drs to just take 4 if I am having trouble, I don't do it often as the sirdupla played havoc on my tounge lol. I said I was willing to try it so my own fault I shouldn't have let her, my bad x

  • It is a grey area. Depending on what dose of Seretide you are on (50/125/250) in my opinion you should not exceed the stated dose. If you rarely double up and are not experiencing adverse effects then it's probably nothing to concern yourself about but I never recommend doubling up with that particular inhaler.

    Fostair and Symbicort are significantly more flexible with dosing compared to Seretide.

  • Hi, Even though the main ingredient may be the same some generic drugs may have slight differences in the make-up of the tablet etc that may cause problems to some. I once took generic Ventolin nubules. Luckily I still had some of the main brand. Firstly I couldn't open the alfoil by hand to access the nebules. ( This is very important if you wake up at night with a sudden attack). Then after I got a pair of scissors and opened it, I was assaulted with such a strong and foul (to me) chemical/plastic smell that it took my breath away. When I examined it more carefully it was the plastic vials that contained the actual liquid Ventolin that emanated the odour. There was no way that I was going to breathe a liquid into my lungs that had been surrounded by that foul plastic - particularly at a time when the asthma was out of control. I took the medicine back and got a refund. Not every generic product is good.

  • I was on seretide 500 and it was very good asthma nurse (new) said I ought to step down to fostair l it was rubbish for me tried another a bit better got a new one to try today

  • Hi all thanks for the advice I have just returned from holiday (early!) as I cannot cope on the fostfair, my asthma has ruined my break for the first time (this bad at least) in a long time! Even if my gp agrees to switch me back to seretide, if it was my chemist who switched it to sirdupla, does that mean they no longer give it out? Like do I need to find different chemist or..? Thanks

  • *update*

    So after ringing the surgery this AM (no one called back as promised) I was given an emergency appointment and saw a locum, she happily switched me back and said no one should have changed me to sirdupla (not unless a gp, which it wasn't) and she also doesn't recognise it (although chemist did inform me same as lot have with its similarities) she offered me a higher does fostfair as apparently one I was on was quite low compared to seretide but said she would be more happy to see me continue with what I was happy with, and that it was Friday evening, (and she basically couldn't care less..) but relived now x

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