Need an air purifier for allergies

My daughter is allergic to dogs, but visits us irregularly. We now have visitors with dogs. Will an air purifier help to cleanse the house if I ban the dogs for say 2 weeks before she comes? If so what one? Also what type of vacuum cleaner would be best to use?

I found this review of Blueair Pro L Hepasilent® Air Purifier is very good but i have no experience in this.

Any other ideas welcome other than banning either daughter or dogs. Thanks

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  • An air purifier is always worth a try if you can loan one for a trial but the evidence suggests that they often make no difference. Does she take antihistamines?

  • I am allergic to dogs amongst a million of other things, and take 2 ceterizine a day, and find that I can last for about 3 hours without any problems, then I start getting wheezy after that and have to leave. Can't advise on purifiers as I have never used one.

  • In my experience - severe dog allergy - these things don't work. I'd ban the dogs. She is your daughter after all and should be more important than the dogs.

  • Thanks for your advices. I will use this air purifier and also ban the dogs too.

  • Hi ,

    To reduce the chances of allergies you can use the best air purifier. there are lots of companies who provide this but how to choose best one for you. Here I have read about all of them and I hope this will help you also.

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