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Maybe it's not asthma?


I have posted on here a few times - my symptoms started early 2015, inability to exercise - I used to run a lot but really began to struggle.

I persevered until August as whatever it was ruined my holiday - struggling for breath, coughing stuff up day and night. On returning home I made an appointment with my GP - antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler were prescribed. Things improved for a while but the symptoms returned.

Since then I have had ventolin, qvar, symbicort and last week fostair. The fostair seems to be the best up until now - however exertion still leaves me struggling. Only prednisolone has returned me to normal service.

I know lots of people with asthma - none of them have had it happen as quickly as what happened with me, and none of them have gone through the various meds like me. A 3 mile cycle from work has left me with a very tight chest.

The fact that only the pred seems to give me any real relief makes me think it may be something more sinister. As an aside, no trigger for my asthma could be found, but my IgE levels were over 300.

Have any of you only been able to get relief from tablets?

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Not from just tablets, but I presume you are taking antihistamines as well? You need to be investigated properly by a Respiratory Consultant. Before exercise I take Symbicort or ventolin\salbutamol as exercise makes my Asthma worse, as well as pollen, and exhaust fumes, and all animals. I have exercise, allergy, and infection induced Asthma.

Last time I was in hospital I can across a woman in her 20s who had not had Asthma prior to having pneumonia,, but now she had quite bad Asthma, and it all happened quickly, like yourself, so it does happen. You need to see a Respiratory Consultant, who may refer you onto a Speciality Asthma\Allergy Consultant, as is the case with myself. Hope some of this helps.

I have seen a respitory specialist who sent me back to my gp - he wants me referred to an ENT specialist. To be honest, I am so disillusioned I am going to pay for a private consultancy.

I think it is a good idea to see an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. There is an illness called Vocal Cord Disfunctiion which presents itself similar to Asthma. I do not know much about it. That might be one thing they are looking at. Hope you get some positive information soon.

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Take the ent appointment first. Ask questions to how it could relate to your asthma. This is normal routine. You can always challenge and always go private but you may end up with the same info

My symptoms are similar to yours: extreme weakness after a smallest physical activity like getting off the bed...etc. shortness of breath, swelling of my airways, painful chest tightness and cough ( coughing up mucus). In the past I would use a blue inhaler only after a flu or a serious cold however since March of this year and since bacterial chest infection which required 3 antibiotics I haven't returned to normal myself yet! I was prescribed a preventative and rescue inhalers however my GP was not convinced that I needed them as they couldn't hear a wheeze! My chest can get so very tight that speaking and eating proves exhausting but there is no wheeze! It has been over six months now and I still haven't been diagnosed even though that after nearly begging for a referral to see a pulmunologist I finally saw one..two month ago who referred me for a few tests which I am still awaiting having all done! I have a follow up appointment on the 4th of October...LOL!

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You sound like me. It's a very frightening place to be and I'm so sorry for you. It seems to me that you have severe difficult asthma. Some days I cough and feel like I'm full of mucous which I may or may not cough up. I can wheeze in and out. Other days, chest is very tight and silent. This is, for me, the most scary. Keep a diary,keep a peakflow chart, keep to the facts and ask for a referral to a proper asthma consultant. And above all, try not to panic. Easier said, but that will only make things worse.

That Ige level is high. What did your consultant say about this? I think it is a good idea for you to find a good consultant and pay for a private consultation. Nothing is too much to pay for your health.

Yes - you cannot put a price on health. I have just tried to go for a jog but made it to the top of my street - I was coughing up green phlegm. I am somewhat disappointed that it's just been a case of trying inhalers and hoping for the best. Back on the pred tomorrow - the only thing that works. I have heard all the warnings but you have to live for today. Old age gets us all.

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Green phlegm means infection. Get back to the Dr and be forceful!

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