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Back to GP today

Hi there.

Struggled with attack last week. Prednisilone did the trick

Went back to GP as I'm getting pain in my chest and ribs and feel yuk.

She checked me over,,chest is clear seats normal.

She thinks the pain and breathlessness I have is due to inflamation around my breast bone and ribs from the attack.

I'm beginning to feel as though I'm never going to get back to not being breathless.

The minute I do anything much I get puffed out. Also wake up several times in the night with this pain in my chest.

I hate going to Drs, as I don't feel I ever get sorted out.

sorry, bit of a moan. Didn't mean to, just getting frustrated.

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It is unlikely that the GP has checked out how tight your rib muscles are. Alexander Technique is worth trying to see if this helps reduce the problem.


I hear you on that. The problem with asthma is that not many medics seem to know how to deal with it so they fall back onto the textbooks which aren't much help because not everyone presents that way.

The only thing I can advice is to preserver.


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