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I enjoy cycling, I can easily clock up around 200+ miles a week. On my turbo trainer in the garage, if I do a hard session i.e. intervals where my heart rate can be between 140-180 my breathing is fine, and the same on the road.

I've done a few training sessions with the race team where we go hard where I couldn't catch my breath nor would my asthma settle down afterwards even when taking it slower. Even though my heart rate and effort would be in the same range.

Last night I was doing a very easy session my HR was around 70% or so, yet I was feeling breathless, like I couldn't catch my breath no wheeze or anything. Usually my asthma is well controlled even throughout hay fever season I've taken hay fever stuff since March as that's when I always start and finish around Sept.

Any had anything similar or any thoughts?

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Hi there, I know exactly how you feel, I am a competitive swimmer, I swim 5 times a week for 2 hours each session and I am also a cross country runner. About a year ago I had a cross country race and I'd been practising for it for months and I hadn't struggled at all, yet when it came to the race I had an asthma attack during it, coughing, wheezing. However your case just seems to be that you were out of breath, like anyone else without asthma suffers with, it may have been an easier session however it all depends on what you do during the day, sleep, food, and other kind of exercise before hand, this all affects your breath


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