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tight chest

Tight chest, good peak flow and just finished seven day course of prednisilone.

I'm a bit confused. Just finished seven day course of pred. Made such a big difference to my breathing. Very tired though as they render me unable to sleep. That last day or so my chest has felt very tight but when I have checked my peak flow it is actually really good.

, and when I wake up from a nap, my heart is racing so fast and my chest hurts. Has anyone else experienced these type of oddities.

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I'm the same with the very tight chest but pf good, not got the racing heart though. I'm shattered too, but sleeping well at night, fingers crossed it will settle down once the pred is out of the system. Any concerns ring the Asthma uk helpline the nurses are wonderful, good luck x


Yeah I'm getting this at the moment too. No wheeze, peak flow is a little down on what it should be but nothing drastic but my chest feels unbelievably tight and the slightest trigger is setting of horrible episodes chest tightness and struggling to breathe (gasping basically), and it just downright hurts. Hearts been beating out a fast rhythm then settling, then going off again.

wish i knew what was causing it, cause its taking a lot of ventolin to settle things down when I need it


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