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Hi there - new to the forum but really having a bad time with my asthma just now.

I've had asthma all my life. I've had 3 asthma attacks that have required hospitalisation in the past (one as an adult) and my asthma has been fairly well controlled otherwise. I have related eczema and other allergies. Normally when my asthma is bad, my eczema flares up quite significantly too.

I also have almost constant pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades, it feels like my muscles are being squeezed making breathing difficult and leaving me feeling like I am gasping for breath - no wheezing and coughing only sometimes.

I have been to a physio about my back and given exercises to do. My back pain began around the time I had an asthma attack in which I was admitted to hospital (Nov 2008 - caused by reaction to mould). In August 2015, my back pain subsided significantly and was almost completely gone until December 2015.

After the asthma attack in 2008, I was put onto Ventolin (salbutamol) and Seretide Evo (fluticasone and salmeterol) 250, over the years I reduced down to Seretide evo 50 one dose daily with no issues, this dose change was made in July 2015 & had no asthma symptoms at all.

In December 2015, I began to feel that the back pain had returned and was really restricted my breathing. My Dr changed my Rx back to Seretide 250 2 puffs twice daily. However, the pain in my back and breathing continued to cause serious issues in catching my breath, the pain would come and go randomly in my back and sometimes radiates around my ribs and down my legs.

In May I was put onto Montelukast for a month after that I was taken off of that and put onto Symbicort 200, 1 puff twice daily and when required up to 12 times daily. My symptoms calmed down for 2 weeks between the use of Montelukast and Symbicort, however they have returned and continue to cause me difficulties. I have made an appointment with my Dr but it's not until August.

This is really frustrating,I like breathing!! and it's really effecting my quality of life. I should note my eczema has not flared up at all. Which is unusual for me when my asthma flares up.

Has anyone else experienced this before. I am really worried about it. I am experiencing symptoms throughout the day and struggling to find anything that helps.

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  • I would recommend that you ask your Doc to refer you to a consultant about this. You may need a few tests that a GP cannot ask for and also a scan which may help to show what is going on with your lungs and causing the back pain. A GP can only ask for an X Ray which may not show things up so well.

  • Good idea, I have an appointment in August but I think I'll make one for tomorrow.

  • if you're breathing that bad I wouldn't wait make emergency appointment or go to out of hours don't suffer, I hope your ok?

  • Agree you should press this with your GP. Also I would find a good osteopath to look at your back. These might not be related symptoms.

  • If u hav breathing problems then u need urgent appointment which u should demand. Also get appt with asthma nurse. U need help i wudnt be waiting. Why suffer get help today. All surgeries hav slots for emergency appts. Its your health. You deserve the best care. Make them listen to u. Hope u get help so that ur breathing improves.

  • Tests they can do for asthmatic patients are xray ct scan chest ct scan sinus barieum swallow blood tests bone density scan bronchoscopy or send u to a pulmonary rehabilitation class. There is so much they can test to see whats causing u problems. Gp needs to refer u to a respiratory consultant who will arrange tests he feels u might need. If you are still nit happy some hospitals offer help for people who hav poor control of their asthma despite taking all their medications. Ask ur consultant to be referred. We r all different and u may not need all these tests but i am just making u aware of them. Just want people wi asthma to get the best medical care available to allow them improved health.

  • I called no less than 35 times this morning, form 8.30 - 9 and couldn't get through as the lines were busy. When I did get through they didn't have any Dr appointments left only Advanced Nurse Practitioners. They are going to call me if they get a cancellation or else I have to phone back tomorrow.

  • HI and welcome,

    Have you told your doc about the pain in ribs and legs? If you're still experiencing this i would contact them asap. If no joy from them go to A&E. Asthma coupled with leg pain needs a ct scan to check lungs are clear.

    Best wishes

  • How are you doing now.

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