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New to Forum Side Effects of Steroid Inhaler


Hello I have had Asthma since 7yrs old. When I had my kids the Asthma changed and I didnt need Prednisolone tabs. In the last couple of years I have needed to start taking the steroid inhalers. When I do use these I get pain (similiar to neuralgia) all over my body. Has anyone had these side effects. Doctors and Specialist's are baffled.

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All steroid inhalers or just the one that you are on? How many different steroid inhalers have you tried?

Hi Steven - I have tried all steroid inhalers - the only one that I can tolerate is Symbicort 100mg

Hi, I'm sorry to high jack this post but you seem to know a lot about Asthma, In the course of your work have you come across people who cant take steroids ? If so what are the options for them to manage their asthma. Thank you Sorry agin to high jack :)

Some asthma doesn't respond favourably to steroids and some patients cannot tolerate steroids. It really depends on a number of things as to how you attempt to manage it (triggers, what's worked in the past, what you take regularly). So sitting on the fence it is difficult to comment without all of the details :/

And it's definitely the steroid? Symbicort has a long acting beta agonist in it as well. If it is just the steroid have you tried Asmanex? I am not suggesting it will be any different but it is only active in the lungs (unlike almost all of the other inhalers on the market) so you tend not to get the systemic side effects with it.

No I have not heard of this one. But I will ask about it when I go to the specialist the next time. They say that all the inhalers work on the lungs only. But some of the drug will obviously get into the blood stream. Are you Asthmatic?

No, not asthmatic but I see many asthmatics as part of my job. I have not used Asmanex twisthaler for a long time but the drug apparently remains inert until it enters the lungs. Therefore whatever stays in your mouth or enters the stomach is less likely to cause side effects. Its ideal for people that experience oral problems from inhaled steroids so maybe it will help

Hi Steven your comments are greatly appreciated. I will definitely discuss with my GP the next time I see him. Can you please confirm what type of work you do? As I have been seen at the Brompton now for a couple of years and they have come up against a stone wall....Is this drug used for heart issues?

It's just Mometasone so it may be something you have already had but in a different device. But as I say, probably worth a try as sometimes its the lactate that the drug is bound to that is the problem rather than the drug itself. I am a clinical nurse specialist for asthma. Work for the NHS

Thanks Steven you obviously know what you are talking about. Regards

Hiya Im Brittle Asthmatic, and have Side Effects andnAllergic Reactions to All Steroids But I have Never had your Reaction of pain all over Body.

I do get pain all over My Body but that's coz I have Fibromyalgia.

Hii I am been investigated at present for Fibromyaligia. How does it affect you. The pains I get are similiar to what someone would get when they have flu/cold in their mouth. A neuraligi type pain. Comes and goes and moves all over the body Have you tried Omalizumab,for the Asthma? Have you tried any alternative treatments?


I have symbicort 100 and Brycanil and each of these make me shake, esp the Brycanil which also makes me fee confused! Could it be triggering the fybro?

Best wishes.

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