Cough, scratchy chest and throat clearing

Hi All,

I've had cough variant asthma for 18 years. I'm 37 now, on 4x 160mg circlesonide steroid inhaler daily, but I just can't shift the cough and constant throat clearing. I've had more tests than I can write about and the only comorbidity the can find is reflux, which is controlled with Omeprazol

I hope friends here will help me to find ways to improve/get rid of the cough and throat clearing. Any ideas would be most welcome. I wonder for example if I need to take higher dosage or steroids, perhaps even oral steroids?

Thankyou so much for any help you might offer.

Best wishes,


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  • I take this for chronic non reversible asthma. Recently had a course of Metronidazole for thrush in my throat which helped the croaky throat. The steroids can cause thrush which is a fungal infection. Also, perhaps you need to drink more water I drink 8 glasses a day which will soften the sputum and its easier to huff up Hope this helps

  • If it's any help I have similar problems and been told it could be vocal cord dysfunction. Sorry I can't say more but I'm on my lunch hour!

  • I have flixonase nasal spray for my throat clearing. Works really well.

  • I have been on ciclesonide for 10 months and don't have a problem with it but I used to with my previous inhalers. Try taking it before you brush your teeth and then gargle to get rid of the residue that helped me

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