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Hi! Just now i am in Sweden, and yesterday I met one of my relations with asthma. She showed me a gadget she has been given, a tube thing which she is encouraged to breathe through. It provides resistance, and the general idea is that it will help her strengthen her lungs, and also help her clear mucous from her lungs. She told me you can get these without prescription, but, unfortunately, none of the local pharmacies had them. I can't find them online either. I have never seen or heard of these in the UK. Does anyone else know of these? Instinctively they seem a good idea, like playing wind instruments, but that would drive me and neighbours mad. Does anyone have any knowledge of these kind of things?

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  • no sorry havent heard of it but it sounds like a good little gadget

  • There is a gadget you can get here in the UK called a Flutter.

    The Flutter Device -‎

  • I think I got something similar when I'd been in hospital from a physio doing breathing exercises. Might be worth looking on Internet 'physio and breathing device' uk

  • I have heard of a salt pipe but dont know if they help. Probablt get one in a health shop. But be careful since we are vunerablevto believing that stuff will help our asthma and go buying it when actually there may be no research to proove it works. Hope yr ok.

  • Yes. That one is called an acapella which my physio says is probably the best to use but very expensive can get them online and a flutter device which I use. Also go on line at power breathe. They do a similar machine to the flutter but it is a little cheaper does the same job and there are other machines for strengthening the lungs as well.

  • Will post links when I find them. My daughter in law and I got no help from a salt pipe and we are no life long asthmatics.

  • Thank you all for your responses! Since I posted the above I have researched a bit more and now seen the '' on Amazon. It looks like something similar. There is also one with three balls which looks more fun. I m not currently in the UK, but will probably get something once back.

  • I was just going to say you can get them on Amazon. has them too but it looks like they don't have the flutter. The flutter and the acapella are to help move mucus and are of a great help to people with Bronchiectasis. You can also find breathing exercises online on you tube for the same purpose but without buying any device. Have a look on YouTube

  • Btw you can also get the flutter and acapella on prescription from your respiratory physio should you need one.

  • There is a post somewhere on here about a Kinetic reliever, I've never heard of it bit wondered if it's the same as what you have seen?

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