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Some good news for a change guys ..... After waiting near,y two years and having every test done about 10 times. I had a phone call today from a nice nurse at the Brompton and after several meetings I've finally got the green light for xolair treatment.... (First injection 3/8) hoping the xolair is a success and after 18 months on 25mg of pred daily I might finally be able to discontinue the old roads 😝👍💯 !!!!????

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That's great news for you.

Good luck with your new treatment.


Hope this does you good.


Great news for you, I felt the same when I was okayd 2 half years ago. Unfortunately I don't think it's working the way I'd read on the Internet. I have 4 injections every 2 weeks at 600mg max dose.

I'm still taking Ventolin 4/5 times day and regular exacerbations and was on 40mg Prednisolone 2 years and took a good while to taper down on them as suisse effects. Read up Prednisolone withdrawal.

All I can say is I hope it works for you but I've considered stopping it as I don't feel it's the be all that I read about beforehand. My Ige was 1,845 and remains extremely high and now they've added another inhaler called seebri which is used for COPD as a bronchodilator but I don't have COPD. I'm 54 asthma all my life and every inhaler as well.

I genuinely wish you the best of luck and hope that it works as I'd read people are coming off inhalers etc. Hope you get great benefits but it's not worked for everyone.

I'm still having them had 4 this morning as the nurse says imagine what you'd be like without them and a nurse myself, I kind of think would I be any worse?? Good luck, hope you see benefits quickly.


Hi mat ..... Sorry to here Xolair not working for you my friend. I'm border line alergic asthmatic but they're going to trial me anyway.... I've also got bronchiectasis and have nasal/sinus issues also (polyps & rynhitis)

My Ige is at 188 whilst on 25mg pred, I assume this would be higher if not on steroids ....

Hoping this treatment works for me as I feel it's the last hope so to speak

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That's very good news Mark-f. My son is on xolair and it turned things round for him. He was able to resume sports (carefully!) and managed almost full time at school. He's still on maximum medication including Theophlline and occasional nebs/steroids but is hugely improved from before the injections. It was very much the last resort. Good luck.


Good luck with it, I'm on it and it has add a world of difference for me. I almost have a normal life. Other every two weeks for my xolair without fail :)


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