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Sore throat and tight chest

Evening all,

I have currently got a sore throat, tight chest and wizzing i have had this for the past few days and am a bit worried.

I'm Currently on Sertide 250 and Blue inahler also take monculkast 10 mg At night. I am also being sick after eating.

Any adivce give would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Maybe you should see your GP hopefully they'd be able to help you.


Get doc phoned David!


My advice is see the dr right away David ,you can't risk it .😇


Hi....... There's a summer cold doing the rounds (I've had it the last week or so) also pollen levels high...... If your concerned always worth getting a doc to listen for crackles


Hi All,

Thanks for your reply's i have being to the doctors today and he said it's nothing to worrie about atm. but it could be due to having a skin cysit in my neck and going to book an appintment with the ENT Doctor next week.


my advice is if you are having a hard time breathing, to get help :( call your GP or go to the hospital if your GP doesnt answer


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