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Walk in forest...seemed like a good idea

Lovely sunny day yesterday, so hubby and I decided to go e for a walk and enjoy the lovely weather.

I became very short of breath, wheezy and coughing. Had Symbicort as advised and then had to use ventolin. But still breathless and not feeling great. Got home and still short of breath. So called 111 to see if I could see an out of hours doctor, instead they sent an ambulance. All my numbers were fine. The paramedic phoned a doctor, who suggested I take it very quietly for the rest of the weekend and get an emergency GP appointment Monday. And if it happens again go to a and e or call 999. My son, who is an adult has said I'm making a fuss, and being dramatic. I'm so so upset with him and can't stop crying. I feel rubbish, tired and fed up with it all. Why can't people be supportive. Still crying now. Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

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Dont feel like that. Listen to YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. Everybody will have their opinion but remember its THEIR OPINION not yours. They dont feel you struggle to breathe or feelin ill. Ignore them and look after you. You know ur body best nobody else. :-) get well soon


Thank you Shezxx

That's made me feel better. Thank you.

It's hard when you feel not believed.

You are right though, I am the one experiencing it.


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Just believe in yourself. Look after you. Focus on what you know helps u and what makes u more relaxed. Try not to focus of what ppl say as they dont know anything unless they can walk in ur shoes. And besides everybodys asthma can be diff thts what ive learnt. Hope this helps u. My A&E doc wasnt convinced i ave asthma but then diff docs say yes it is. U will get lots of diff opinions but dont listen to them as it can go on forever with them all. You focus on you and only you now. :-)


Get your son to look at the Asthma UK website and remind him that 3 people die every day from asthma attacks. It is a serious condition, but it is usually controllable. Like many conditions, stress makes it worse and his attitude is doing that. He may just be scared, of course, but he is an adult and he needs to behave like one. Fighting for breath makes you very tired, and I get all weepy when I'm tired. I hope your husband can give you all the rest, reassurance and loving kindness you need at the moment and that he has words with your son.

Get well soon!


I think he was scared, which I understand.

Saw my GP today. Now on a course of prednisilone. That usually sorts things. So hopefully it will this time.

Tried to get to work today after docs, but had to come home, as I was really struggling to breath. Not a nice feeling. Doesn't help that it is incredibly hot today where I am, and outside feels like there is no air. Sitting at home now in front of the fan, doing very little.


hello!! My parents says that too. that im just dramatic and just too nervous. they dont know the struggle for they dont feel the same as I do. you are not alone.


Thank you so much for such kind words. Now on steroids which hopefully will sort me out


Bless you. You did exactly the right thing dialing 111. It is always best to get these incidents checked. Your son should be more supportive. Unfortunately those who don't understand asthma see it as trivial. It can be life threatening and I can vouch for that with 2 hospital stays. I swore to my children (grown up) I would never let things get that bad again. Get him some literature on asthma so he can inform himself. Good luck and don't forget you are important so always get checked if you have any concerns



Please don't get upset , wish I could give you a big hug , please if you ever feel like this again , share on here , and never be afar aid of calling for help 🦄🌟💗


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