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Blood pressure

Hi all hope your all feeling well. Every time I go and see the asthma nurse she takes my blood pressure and it's been on the high side and I'm blaming it on the pred I've taken over the last few weeks now on 1 pred for 4 days then finally finished 👍🏻 went to an event today and there was a place you could have your blood pressure taken (stroke association) so had mine done to say the lady was shocked at my reading is an understatement 202/119 I explained about pred and other meds and it I'm back to the nurse Friday , does anyone else have trouble with blood pressure

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That BP is too high to be healthy but I'm sure you know that. Do you know what it is normally for you? I wouldn't wait til Friday to get it checked again. Any good pharmacy will do it for you. If it it still that high I would get an urgent GP appt. In February mine spiked to 240/120 and there was a significant risk of a stroke or coronary. My GP acted really quickly and despite wanting to admit me agreed to manage me at home and it went down again in a few days after strict rest and loads of meds! Please get it checked again soon😊

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I agree. Get to the pharmacy and get it checked again. Then an emergency appointment with the GP as soon as possible. This is far too high.


That's extremely high. Yes Prednisolone can increase blood pressure but I think a visit to the GP about this as a separate problem. Inform them of the last year you had. I have a BP machine at home and photograph the results on my mobile so I can show them. Good luck, go to GP x


I have high blood pressure and take meds for it. During my admission to hospital last month for an asthma attack, when I was on preds as well as being nebulised, it did go up, but far from that high. And once home, still on pred at 40mg per day, my bp went down to normal and stayed there. I was monitoring it as it had been higher in hospital. I agree with all the above: seek early help!


I agree that is way to high and a risk for complications. I would be back at GO as an emergency


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