Hi everyone hope everyone ok I now having intense physio on my wrist now and my word it hurts bad seen orphopiedics yesterday and had another X-ray and not healing like the were hoping going. To take longer not allowed to lift anything heavier than a cup so painful and can't use it well the infection on the other hand healing well on antibiotic cream and tablets seeing doc Monday again been to London for chest got to go in for 10 days in September for iv hydrocortisone as the surgery I had on lungs haven't worked chest now great X

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  • Oh Tracey, you must be so fed up of all your health issues. I hope everything improves very soon for you.

    Take care. 💐

  • Hi yea just a bit nothing ever goes smooth drives me mad gets me down a bit but life goes on as I c there's people out there worse off than me hoe u ok take care and have a good day X

  • Poor you. You are really going through it. I truly hope everything sorts itself out soon.

  • Thanks bit fed up with it all now hope u doing ok have a good day xx

  • I have had a good day, it's been a busy week clearing out bits and pieces. Terrible time with the dust. Not looking forward to the promised heat wave,won't be able to breathe.

  • Please take care of yourself. Hoping you get relef from your pain.

  • Oh dear! If I was you I would make myself a hot chocolate and watch Tv in that case. Hope the pain subsides quickly.

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