Hi all been to rbh today and London today they Basically been told the surgery I had done made no differs X if anything made me worse lung function down again and peak flow only 230 should b 400-450 , wants me in for September to do hydrocortisone iv again and give me a rest he said , started me on a new inhaler can't think of the name begins with a fl new one steriod out me on super high dose for now said nothing else he can do now but just give me steriods to help me with the breathing and going in the rest every two months and that was it he's got to c Menzies gow to c if he will let me go int every two months like before he said if anyone worthy of a bed its me bless him took loads of blood want to c if my body still taking obsurbing the steriods or rejecting them and other stuff he's testing for so been long day and got Bath hospital tomorrow for my arm a check up not looking forward to it as if they touch it I will scream as it's very painful still right off to try and get some sleep or I be very tired like I am now but my eyes will shut and my brain will wake up best not. So night all sleep tight

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  • Tracye, 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 For you and your doc.

  • Hi am back in the Brompton for my 10 day stay X up in Lind ward waiting for bed in Victoria

  • Good luck hope all goes well X

  • Glad RBH appointment went well.

    Good luck with your Bath Hospital appointment today.

  • Flutiform? X

  • Yea that's what they have put me on now started it Wednesday c if it helps have a good day X

  • Oh Dear! What can I say? So annoying eh for you and the Docs! Chin up.

  • Hi hope u doing ok I got the sling off but still in a splint for loads of weeks and still hirers when moving it only allowed to lift a cup b glad when it all healed now dmgot infection in the other finger seeing the doc Monday for that chest behaving not to bad bit gruffly but better got wait till September to go rbh for more iv so got try and last till then should b fun hope u ok take care xx

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