Hi everyone still in pain with the arm but the mortphine takes the edge off seeing the doc in the morning , seen the rumatologist today and he put a steroid injection into my thumb joint wasn't pleasant said it was definitely arthritis in it got to have some hot wax therapy on it with the physio got docs tomorrow morning for check on chest and London Rbh Wednesday and for my arm Thursday at local bath hospital being a busy week hope everyone well take care

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  • Oh that sounds so painful you poor thing . That hot wax treatment is supposed to be good . Take care Tracy x😇

  • Yea a friend of mine has it said its really relaxing but it has made her skin really dry and they crack now X

  • Make sure you put hand cream on ,if you get a pair of cotton gloves put loads of. Cream on then gloves if you can stand it sleep in them and your hands should be so beautiful and with less pain .Hope that helps .xxHope you are feeling ok today xx

  • Hi thanks for the advice in pain still doc has upped the morphine now as was to low got Togo London rbh Tomorrow should b interesting hope I doing ok take care have good day X

  • I meant that to keep hands moisturised and arm depending on how far your hand goes into wax .Hope you can go it will be good .You too. xx

  • I do hope the pain eases soon.

    Good luck with all your medical appointments this week.

  • Hi thanks for that I'm hoping it not to much longer pain either hope u doing ok X

  • yeah i had also a arm pain problem and after a better treatment i have suggested by someone to use arm braces or belts which could help a lot to reduce arm pain.

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