Home assessment for pip

My hubby is having a home assessment for pip it is atos who will be coming I have heard so many bad stories about their interviews that I am dreading it I haven't told hubby about their bad reputation as he is not coping with his bad health and is very depressed as his copd and other health issues are getting him down.i am so glad I joined you all you got me through some dark days when he was critical in ICU you gave me hope ,sending you all my love and thank you.

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  • Always remember no matter what you and him come first. Big hugs to you both x hugs x

  • Any way he could get the support of an advocate? Organisations, like MIND, and I am sure others, help and support with this, and will also help with challenging PIP if needed. Could it be worth finding out? Is there a COPD organisation, like Asthma UK, for instance?

  • Try and get the meeting voice recorded. That way the doctor should remember their oth and not that the agency are paying them. Its a dam shame they make people go though these tests. Then others can get away with milking the system who just have a small thing wrong 😢

  • Hi .....I had. Pip assessment last year for mental health ...and they were great I got a very friendly lady who listened to me ......it takes about a hour and remember to tell them everything and I mean everything even it only seams little to you ...it could be the diffrence between getting it or not xx

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