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A quick question???

Hi all just want to ask a question I'm on day 6 of 3 weeks of tapered down pred and I've got to say over the last few days I've felt better than I have since being diagnosed (Dec 15) but I'm still waking up coughing in the morning at times 5am although once I take seretide and pred things seem to settle although odd day I've needed ventolin once or twice is this normal as I thought I wouldn't feel like this in the morning being on pred sorry if this seems like a daft question but I've got so much to learn

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Prednisolone is an anti inflammatory drug to reduce inflammation in the airways. I think if you are waking up coughing they could start you on Montelukast so I would mention it to Dr. I take symbicort 4 times a day and still have to take 5/6 puffs Ventolin most days so taking Ventolin an odd day is okay. My respiratory consultant said taking Ventolin inhaler 4/5 times day was OK. So I would say the coughing waking up up needs reported to Dr and maybe you need stronger dose seretide. I'm on symbicort myself but sometimes it's trial and error which suits you best.


Thanks I'm already on montelukast but I've learnt from the past few week/ months not to leave thing


Speak with your dr as I have had similar symptoms to you and it feels like a rollacoaster.

As you defo need to keep on top of things.

Good luck keep us posted.


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