Hi. Im eds. 26. I started taking 2 dose of symbicort in the morning and 2 at night last May. My doctor said its because of the extreme heat of the weather and that my asthma was out of control (i havent using any maintenance before but I have my asthma since I was a child) I also take montelukast at night. Is there's anyone here as young as me? Sometimes I get too anxious feeling like Im too young to have all these meds as a maintenance. 😭

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  • I think you will find most people who have had Severe Asthma all their lives will have been on preventer medication since they were much younger than yourself. There are many of us on lots of medication, and there will be many on not so much. That is the nature of Asthma. Sometimes it improves when a teenager, and then gets worse later on in life. It can vary so much. The good thing is there are lots of people on here who can give advice based on their experiences. I myself always feel worse when the humidity is high, which it has been in June, and also the grass pollen has been high. All of these can influence your Asthma.

  • Our daughter was diagnosed at the age of 5, though with hindsight I am sure she had asthma when younger than that. She has never grown out of it. It is mild, I would say, in so far she does not regularly take medication now, but needs it for instance with colds. Though she is now luckier than you, who knows what he future holds for her. She can't remember a time she didn't have asthma. My father was the same, started very young and then it was a lifelong thing. I think having it young, though maybe with a break for a few years in early adulthood is very common.

  • Hi I'm Charlotte and also 26. I've been diagnosed since I was 18 months old and have always had high doses and amounts of maintence drugs. If it keeps you'd table that's all that matters. Nobody need know. Hope you feel better soon

  • Hello Edelyn, if your anxiety started after you began taking the Symbicort, suggest discussing this with your Asthma Nurse/GP, because Symbicort can cause some levelsanxiety/depression. There are other maintenance drugs. But don't worry about your asthma changing - as previous people have mentioned - every day is different, you just need to work out your trigger and be aware of it.

  • Thank you so much to you all for sharing your experiences and for kind thoughts and advice. It means so much to me. This forum helps me a lot.;) xx hugs

  • Yeah I'm 24 and have had asthma for 17 years. I'm on montelukast tablets too. Also 2 doses of seritide twice a day and 2 doses of salbutamol twice a day. Not to mention other meds for my other conditions. Your definitely not alone!

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