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Hi everybody

Hi everybody

I can see summer has its up and down..I am sorry some of you are my lungs morning and night with the respiratory exercises really helps. Started physio again and learned some more. And the nebs of course as soon as I feel chesty.

I hate the air con everywhere I don't know about you?

Anyway flowers from the South to cheer up your day xxxx

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How lovelly;0) We all need some cheer here in UK as the world is going crazy at the moment! The weather is day to day rain too! On the plus side I can breath around scented flowers nowadays without having to run a mile! Stay well....

Gino x


Hi Gino

My photo is upside down I have to learn why! Wasn't upside down on twitter😃

I'm sorry Britain is going through a hard time and you've got rain as well!

I'm glad you can breath flowers again!! 🌺🌸🌷 here you are and a little champ for you 🍾 to celebrate !!

Take care too xx

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