A while back I asked about coughing up mucus after taking ventoline, and I got a bunch of great answers, but now I have a follow-up question. Does coughing up mucus when taking the reliever before exercise indicate that my asthma is undertreated? Because why else would my lungs be filled with gunk? Or could it be the ventoline causing my lungs to produce mucus?

Peak flow is pretty steady at 350 with 460 predicted. Personal best is 360, but I just recently got the peak flow meter. Oh, and I'm a cougher, not a wheezer.

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  • You sound like me. I've no idea of the answer to your question though. 😬

  • It's highly unlikely I would say that the ventolin is causing the gunk. Much more likely is that the effect of taking it causes you to bring it up.

    Also, whilst the mucus might indicate poorly controlled asthma there could be various other causes as well, so I'd try to arrange a sputum sample with your GP to see what bugs are in there & if it might be worth further investigation or treatment over & above the asthma medicaion.

  • Thanks for your reply! :) Sorry if I'm asking a stupid question now, but is it possible that bugs are causing it even though I haven't been sick since October? And by sick, I mean having a cold.

  • I've really just based my answer on my own experiences so take this with caution. However if you have a persistent phlegmy cough then it may be that an infection or allergy has taken hold, possibly due to your asthmatic lungs. Things like pseudomonas are common, but a sputum sample helps the medics to think about what's going on in your lungs. If your lungs have certain weaknesses then yes the bugs can take hold without you necessarily having felt ill. I'd have a word anyway about getting it done. I'm not at a computer right now so can't dig up a link but if you search for it there are also a few videos on YouTube that show clearance techniques to help shift it. Look for pursed lip breathing or air trapping. Let me know if you want some specific links & I will try to find them.

  • I like your advice I have mu daughter with plenty phlegm can you please give me those links? it may help. Thank you

  • Hi, yes here are some:

    Searching for copd air trapping or mucus clearance techniques or similar will give you loads more. Good luck.

  • Thank you for your reply. I don't have a persistent mucusy cough. I mostly have a dry cough, except after taking ventoline. I suspect there is some mucus hiding down there, however, I don't notice it at all.

  • I think that you're right about it hiding...ventolin (as far as I know) wouldn't immediately cause mucus to develop so much more likely is that the opening of your airways allows it to clear in some way. If you can get it tested, it's worth it.

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