asthma problems in downstairs bedroom

Hi, I am looking for advice, we have recently moved into a downstairs bedroom which has been decorated. it's an old house which had damp caused by condensation. since we have moved downstairs my asthma has been playing up, I am fine when sleeping but the rest if the day my chest is tight. I have bought a humidity meter and it reads around 70% in the mornings, buy wother use of a dehumidifier I can reduce this to around 50 during the day. I have also bought an air purifier but have used it 2 nights now with no effect, im stuck now on what to try, any advice?


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  • Is there mould associated with the damp? Aspergillus spores can be a big problem for asthmatics.

  • Definitely, I've never lived in a damp or mouldy house, new builds but was told by respiratory consultant Aspergillus is in the atmosphere and in wooded area. There's a good website on it if you Google it but Aspergillus is a fungal mould that asthmatics are sensitised to. Me included.

  • Aspergillus is ubiquitous in many ways but mould obviously presents a high concentration of spores. I'm classified by the consultant as having 'extreme fungal sensitisation', but having been on itraconazole for almost 2 years now it have largely got it under control. But I am a bit obsessive now about any bits of mould, even on a old loaf of bread!

  • Me too, they tried both itraconazole and fluconazole but levels increased therfore stopped them. That's one reason started on xolair but don't think it's the be all and end all I believed it would be.

  • there was mould on the surface of the walls, but it was cleaned and has been painted over

  • I asked because as well as asthma I suffer with ABPA which is an allergy but causes asthma flares. In any event it may be that the spores are still present & causing or part-causing your symptoms.

  • It will still be there in the damp which penetrates the walls.

  • Interesting as Iv had a rollacoaster 9 months - finding mould in a cupboard, which after investigations appears to have been created by condensation says a builder. Since cleaning and painting with special paint has not rePpeRed at all.

    Finding the darn wet damp weather a problem also. Having asthma 20 years this has been my worse yr, as to has the weather??

    Can't remember ever having as much rain!

  • Do you have a productive cough? If so, could you arrange a sputum sample? If you have aspergillus present that would highlight it I think. If not of course the damp is still quite likely to be a trigger in itself.

  • A bit confused with your english (buy wother use of dehumidifier) ??

    I moved into rented accomadation and bedroom had evidence of damp and my asthma was bad. I then bought a dehumidifier and my asthma greatly improved.

    The amount of water it collects is quite amazing

  • Damp is basically mould and mould spores so it's likely exacerbating your asthma. I would certainly try and not be wherever mould is present.

  • Putting a sputum sample in and asking for Aspergillus they wouldn't really have a clue. I'm under respiratory consultant and it was him that did the Aspergillus tests. The GP practice nurses were asked to repeat bloods and did the wrong ones. If your not under specialist care I would ask about that first then you can discuss mould, Aspergillus, other allergic triggers. However asthma isn't just about allergens but also related to just having exacerbations, bacterial or viral infections as well as the fact psychological factors can influence physical responses and sometimes vice versa. My asthma makes me depressed when I can't breathe and feeling overly stressed and heightened anxiety affects your breathing.

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