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Morning of operation

Good morning everyone yes up early got to go to the hospital and have my operation to day on my wrist I'm very nervous, only day surgery or should be , wouldn't mind if was being put to sleep but only having nerve block very nervous now not sure what time I'm going down but got the b there from r 7.30 I

Let u know how it he's take care and have a good day

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Hope your surgery was a piece of cake !!


Thanks , Having it done today X


Good luck with the operation, I'll be thinking of you.

God be with you


Good luck. Spinal block is great. They should give you a sedative as well to relax you.

I had spinal block for a hip replacement. Brilliant

All the best

K xxx


Make sure you have your asthma inhalers with you just in case. They took my Salbutamol down with me to the theatre. Good luck xxx


Hi Hope u have had your op this morning If not I had my wrist fixed after a fall last year and was fitted with a plate under anesthetic with a nerve block after op so felt arm numb for the rest of the day. You will be fine as long as you don't, like me get a high temperature afterwards, this being the only thing that kept me in Hospital for a couple of days. Good Luck with your recovery the only thing was not being able to drive for a while. x


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