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How long should i take singulair for my perennial allergic rhinitis?

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Hi there,

I'm from a small town in Indonesia, so the doctors here are not much of help. Im 30 years old and just found out that my excessive snots (that i experience everyday for many many years) become better after taking singulair (a friend recommended this medicine).

I'm using inhaled avamyst as well.

My questions are how long should i consume singulair and avamyst? When would it be the best time to try to stop having these medicines to check if i don't need them anymore?

And, Is there a possibility that i can return to normal without daily excessive snots and allergic medications?

Thank you very well.

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Is your friend a Qualified Doctor or a Quack (somebody who pretends to be doctor)?

As a general rule, I would go to a doctor and not a quack

I've been experiencing very bad rhinitis/sneezing from the moment i woke up in the morning until mid day for at least 20 years. I had been to some GPs and ENTs and did some xray scan which found nothing. I was given antihistames but not getting better until i was given avamyst. But in the morning and cold weather i still had rhinitis.

Ive noticed much improvement after using singulair for only 2 weeks.

So back to my questions, can someone seriously answer them? I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you.

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Pie-tro in reply to Vyrx

I have had Chronic Rhinnitis for the last 35 years and I have had to learn to live with it.

Singulair has only been released and it is quite good in reducing the amount of phlegm. There is hardly any medication out there really for Chronic Rhinnitis

I wouldn't exactly agree with you - only partially. I have had chronic rhinitis for the past ... I don't know anymore, over 10 years. In my town (in a small country far off the UK) there are no specialists in the matter so I had to go to another town and the specialist there prescribed me a corticosteroid spray called Dymista. I have been on this one for about 3 weeks now - I am, honest to all the gods in the world, breathing through my nose - something I had actually forgotten how to do. I have to admit, I am yet to have tests after the two-month therapy to determine whether I can be put on the immunotherapy (the one with the injections). So I agree with you only partially - all types of medication are pretty knew so the world still doesn't see. On the other hand, it doesn't seem all that impossible. Anyway, Vyrx, I would suggest you travel some distance to a good doctor so you can see what is really good for you.

The important thing here is do we have to depend on it forever?

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