Can high pollen effect stable asthma when not a hay fever sufferer?

Having being diagnosed with asthma a couple of months ago, a few blips stabilising etc I have recently felt like my 2x symbicort am and pm have enabled me to be OK for a good few weeks now.

I don't suffer from hayfever at all but wondering if high pollen counts can effect breathlessness? I can't fathom what it is that seeing me reach for my reliever.

Any ideas would be most welcome 😃

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  • Yes, my allergies cause my chest to tighten and I wheeze. Luckily my antihistamines and preventer inhalers sort me out. I do not get hay fever symptoms. I think you need to visit your GP to talk about antihistamines and you may need to adjust your preventer dosage, to keep the usage of Ventolin\salbutamol down to a minimum.

  • As always, thank you WheezyAnne. I'll definately act on your advice now I know it's likely the cause. Much appreciated. :)

  • You may be allergic to animal fur, house mites, mould and damp, but I suspect that hot or cold weather affects you as well as me mostly.

    ps Hay fever can strike at any time even if you have not suffered before.

  • I think it can. I've had asthma for 11 years and mild hay fever for 15. It's only t this year that the hay fever has affected my asthma. I've needed prednisone to get me back on an even keel. I asked to try a new inhaler too and now have Relvar which includes a beta 2 agonist as well as steroid. Seems to be working! My peak flow is higher than its been for years.

  • Yep I have to take an anti histamine along with my asthma Meds to keep my tight chest and coughing at bay. I don't suffer from runny nose or watering eyes but for me I need it as the pollen makes my chest so bad!

  • Pollen is an allergen & hayfever is just one way that your body might display an allergy. As others have said though there are other things around as well at this time of year. I would start to monitor pollen counts in your locality and map it to peak flow. If you see a clear correlation then speak to your GP as additional medication in summer might help.

  • If you find that pollen and other allergens are causing your asthma to flare up, you could look at this article which expaines about air purifiers and how they can help with asthma.

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