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When to gethelp

After 3 days of struggling went to Drs now steroids, antibiotics and an action plan 6 puffs of ventolin every 4 hours for 2 days then down to 4 for 2 days then back to normal if I need ventolin more and more then its hospital and a good telling off for leaving it 3 days before I got help. I need to realise when I need help and it's not going to be ok in the morning 😒

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I hope things improve for you soon.

Take care.


Sadly Iv been down this routine, I guess we need to identify symptoms quicker, to prevent slower recovery.

I increased in halers/nebulising but have needed high doses of steroids now. But thankfully slowly getting back to normal.

Darn weather not helping!!

Sadly these things take time to kick in.


I am also the same. I think it is going to get better but I should learn from the past that it doesn't. I leave it and then get told off for not going sooner!


Me too! I keep thinking it will get better soon and it doesn't, or it won't happen again, and it does. But last week, I saw my GP while well and he put prednisolone steroid tabs on my repeat prescription list. He also urged me to take a course as soon as needed, not after struggling for 2/3 days. He said main advice to GPs from advisers, hospitals and asthma research was to prescribe more steroids more quickly to asthmatics. I tend to think steroids do long term harm so are to be avoided. GP advice was that I'm risking permanent scarring damage to my lungs. I could have done with this advice a couple of years ago, when my asthma worsened.....when I think of all the struggling on that I've done! He has also put me down for a bone density test, in the hope of further reassurance about taking steroids sooner rather than later or not at all. (I have antibiotics in the house always due to another long term medical condition, but need to up the dose a bit sooner too.)


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