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So the last 10 days have been full of new experiences for me. I am classified as mildly asthmatic, but the last few months i have struggled on and off. The main culprits are chest infection, cold. Last week I got a cold. Before I even knew that my chest was reacting, and then it was a matter of getting help. Prednisolone (a first for me) from an out if hours GP on Sunday, increasing and shifting meds at an urgent appointment on Wednesday and, finally, sent to hospital, without stopping to collect stuff, from another urgent appointment on Thursday. By that point my pf was going well down again. In hospital for 4 days with loads of nebuliser, and luckily that was enough. My pf improving but not as speedily as they would like. So sent home with a car load of prednisolone and much increased inhalers. All this is a first experience for me. The good thing is that I am now likely to get the help I need. It was a mild asthma attack, but it was steadily heading in the wrong direction.

In your experience how long does recovery from this tend to take? I am 67, I may now be seen as mild/moderate asthmatic. I am picking up, but breathing has a distance to go. I am off abroad on 8/7 (seen as OK by consultant). My normal sleep pattern has been shot to pieces by this, but I am hopeful it will resolve itself. And I have lots to do ahead, to 'sanitise' our home to remove potential triggers, not that I yet know with complete certainty what they might be. I have my suspicions. Certainly an allergy test was spoken of. I am rambling a bit, my brain is not back to normal, but any good advice always welcomed.

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  • The steroids play havoc with your sleep patterns. Take things easy and keep taking your medication as and when you should. There is no hard and fast rule for how long you will take to get "back to normal". As you have a summer exacerbation you may very well be allergic to pollen. I know someone who gets relief by putting Vaseline around the tip of the nose to hopefully catch the pollen and stop some of it being breathed in. This may help until you have your allergy testing and get other treatment - of course only if it is pollen you are allergic to. At the moment here it is nice and warm so windows are open. To stop pollen coming in it may be better for you to do what they do in hot countries to stop the heat coming in by keeping Windows and doors closed and curtains drawn. Might look odd but if it helps what the heck. At night keep bedroom windows closed and use a fan. But do not have it blowing directly on your face. Last time I was on steroids about a year ago now I took Boots own sleeping tabs and then found herbal sleeping tablets for sale in Superdrug - much cheaper and just as effective for me though I didn't get a really good night's sleep until after I had finished the steroids. Hope you find something that helps. Good Luck.

  • everybody's recovery is different. the best advice I can give you is to listen to your body. When it says rest, then rest don't push too much otherwise you will just have set backs.

    I'm glad you are on the mend though

  • Triggers which are common are pollen, hair and dander from animals, pets, dust mites in mattresses. Also can include fungal spores with damp conditions or fungal spores such as Aspergillus outside. Foods such as eggs, seafood, shellfish, soya, dairy to name but a few also nuts. Hopefully it will settle in time, mine had been really bad for several months now.

  • Couple of quick thoughts, take care in case of relapse. A few years ago I had 4 days in hospital, was out for 6 days then back in for 4. Turned out to be pneumonia. I hope you keep well. Second thought, as n you're going abroad might be worth asking your GP for prednisolone to take with you in case of need. You can agree an action plan of when you'd take it. Hopefully not needed though! Keep well and enjoy your trip

  • Thank you for your response! Yes, relapse, I am aware of the possibility. But now 5 days out, having seen the GP for a follow-up today, so far so good. No infection. And I feel well, except for the need for more recovery. Far better now than a couple of days ago. My worst is not being able to sleep because of the steroids.

    I am going to Sweden, so I feel less worried about being well stocked up, apart from usual meds. However, I also have a hospital appointment before then, so more chances of thinking about it. It is still a couple of weeks until we go.

    My hardest problem is sorting out insurance. But give it another few days, when I am off more meds and can say with ease thwt walking 200 yards causes me no problems any more. Today it was no problem.

  • Glad you're improving, hope it continues. It's good you've got a hospital appointment too. I'll keep everything crossed for you. Lack of sleep is hard, I I'm lucky not to have that side effect and I'm usually ready for some sleep after a few nights coughing by the time I get the prednisolone!

  • I thought the other patients would lynch me after a few night's in! I was ready to lynch myself! For coughing, I mean!

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