One sided mucus/blocked lung feeling


I had asthma as a child and I'm now 32. I'm wondering if what I'm feeling is asthma coming back. It feels like my right lung is blocked with mucus. I am constantly coughing and throat clearing and although I bring phlegm up it just gets replaced by a constant stream of it. Its affecting my daily life and won't go away. Its been like this for 4 months non stop.

I feel like air isnt getting into my right lung although a chest x ray was fine. Its difficult to breath past the mucus.

I have been treated for post nasal drip, given inhalers, antibiotics, antihistimines, reflux medicines and nothing works.

I'm becoming so anxious and depressed because of it.

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  • Hi! I can sort of relate to you! I have had huge problems since being pregnant with my second child having had asthma type symptoms when younger but then 15 years symptom free.

    I found it hard to describe my symptoms to gp but could only say I felt that my whole chest had too much mucus in it! I was constantly trying to clear my throat / lungs.... I also had a cough and recently a tight chest.

    I am finally feeling slightly better with a combination of symbicort, montelukast and strong antihistamines.

    Sorry it sounds like you may have tried these treatments but i have found only taking all together work and I also had a course of oral steroids to kick start the treatment....

    I used to hate going to Drs but I am glad I became a bit of a pain as I have found something that works for me so keep going back!

  • Hi if I was you I would ask for a CT scan as this shows more information than a chest x-ray. x

  • I had constant mucus production for years. Totally debilitating. Singulair (monteleukast) worked for me. Along with a prescription antihistamine.

  • I have problem with mucus too and find combination of SIRDUPLAR and AVAMYS (nasal spray ) helping .My nose is nice and dry but lungs still feel blocked some evenings . Am asking my consultant at The Royal Brompton for a C T Scan . Good luck Marilyn

  • My CT scan, which my consultant's registrar sent me for, showed I had Bronchiectasis. He also put me on carbosisteine, which I feel has helped reduce my cough and congested feeling.

  • Hi there, sorry to hear of your symptoms. Have you considered food alergies? They do not remain the same as we grow older and can lead to mucus problems. In particular dairy can be the source. It may be worth a try to remove these from your diet for a short time to see if there is any improvement. I hope you manage to improve..


  • I pray for your condition. I recommend Pulmonary Function test.

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