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Angina and brittle asthma

Last Friday I had to be nebullised and was given Prednisolone. I am used to this so I wasn't too anxious. However then I needed nebullising again on Saturday and the Prednisolone didn't really start to work until Sunday. I am used it working more quickly than that. Then at 2am on Monday I had my first angina attack. The paramedics checked my heart with the ECG Machine and it was fine. They told me to see my GP. I knew it was Angina because my mother suffers from it. The doctor gave me some more Prednisolone and a blood test. I had another Angina attack on Tuesday evening and called the paramedics out again. The ECG was again fine but the chest pain came back. So the paramedic gave me another ECG which was fine. He asked if I wanted to go into hospital. I said yes and left my neighbour looking after my daughter who has autism and severe learning disabilities until my workaholic husband got home! After several hours in hospital A&E not breathing too easily but able to talk once I breathed more deeply to control my hyperventaling the doctor decided to keep me in for observation overnight due to my family history (my grandmother suffered from angina and heart attacks and died from a stoke about 30 years ago as well as my mother suffering from Angina and heart attacks since she was 45). They took lots of blood and I told them I was also in lots of pain due to probable womb fibroids. They gave me more Prednisolone and Paracetamol and codine. It was only after seeing the 4th Doctor that I was given a GTN spray and given a diagnosis of unstable Angina!. I was discharged and went to get some more Prednisolone from my GP the next morning as I had run out and knew I would need more. I told her that I had used the GTN spray 5 times in the last 24 hours. I have being given an appt for a womb exam to see if it is fibroids that are causing the prolonged bleeding (6 weeks) and severe pain and am awaiting a Cardiac outpatient appt. I hope the Cardiac appt will be soon but I don't trust Derriford (Plymouth) to take it too seriously (their admin is terrible!) Am I just very unlucky or is there a possible reason for this series of events?

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Hi I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you but just wanted to say I hope you find some answers. Derriford have a good reputation and hopefully they will sort you out.

You must live quite near me as I'm in Torbay. x


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