Update on I wonder what's next !!????

Just back from seeing my lovely asthma nurse.. Now on sirdupla as she wants me to use it through a spacer and I can't with seretide. Blood pressure high (it was last time I went 4 weeks ago ) so I've got to go again in 2 weeks to get that checked, i don't seem to be away from the place 😳 Thank goodness for ppc otherwise I'd have to get a second job to pay for meds

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  • Hey, I read your other post but I'll respond to this one. Sirdupla and Seretide are basically the same thing but why couldn't you use the spacer with Seretide..?

  • Hi I had the disc seretide

  • Ah ok sorry that makes sense! I have the MDI Seretide along with many other things. Tell me how you get on with the Sirdupla :)

  • HI SIRDUPLA is a type of SERETIDE . SERETIDE has a lot of different generic names Best Marilyn

  • Thank you

  • It's the same ingredients but cheaper but you can get seretide in a MDI that you can use through a spacer. Money is tight in clinical commission groups but a cheaper version with the same ingredients should be okay.

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