Hi hope everyone having a good day I went through hospital today to do with my wrist operation going to have a nerve block injection as its safer than putting me under with my asthma like it is and saying going to put pins in and maybe a plate in it got my pre op tomorrow morning then op on 27th then off to London Rbh hospital for check up c what he has to say said last time about taking me in on Iv for ten days again chest still need t right after the operation I jade eeyore have good evening take care

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  • Hope everything goes okay for you

  • Good luck with your pre op and your op xxx

  • I hope everything goes ok with your wrist operation.

  • Tracy,, wishing you all the best for your wrist. Take care of yourself X

  • Hi Tracey

    Good luck with your op, and just to reassure you, my husband had his left hip replaced last October, he had pain blocking injections , and was awake throughout the op..

    He had no pain, and no nasty after effects you get with a GA.

    He thought it was marvellous and is having his right hip replaced using the same method, in 3 weeks time.

    Once again..good luck

    Velvet xx

  • Hi thank for the reassurance makes me feel a bit better hope he's ok now I have bad knees had a op on one now the other one started they think it's the cartridge going so b back for that one think I'm falling apart take care have a good day X

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