Do asthma meds cause sleep problems?

Since a few days back I am taking far more ventolin than usual. (I am now also on prednisolone. ) Do other people find that using ventolin up to four times daily can affect sleep? My sleep has been poor e last few days (not helped by waking up from a noisy chest yesterday 4am, or from coughing today at 6am), but by now I feel I am getting gradually sleep deprived. And I am not enjoying that as it makes me sluggish. Also my current condition does not help me go for walks which often helps with my sleep. So, could this be the ventolin?

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  • More likely to be the Prednisolone. How much ventolin\salbutamol are you using? You do not mention what preventer medication you are on? May I suggest you read the leaflet enclosed with your Prednisolone, it will explain a lot. Hope you are feeling a little better.

  • I hear what you are saying, but my sleeplessness started two-three days ago, when I needed to take more ventolin, but I started the prednisolone only yesterday, which is why I am wondering about the ventolin. I am also on clenil, and, on advice, have increased that too, but only yesterday. These last few days I have taken ventolin 4 times daily, and needed it.

  • I have now looked up ventolin, which can indeed cause sleep problems. And then the prednisolone probably does not help. May this pass quickly!

  • I find that when my asthma symptoms are worse i am very much sleep deprived but the inhalers, once they kick in, manage to settle me down and i am able to get a few hours sleep. I wouldnt think Ventolin had an effect on your sleep, but probably because you are taking it more, you may need to have a review and be given something stronger for a while to help clear things up a bit

  • I just looked up ventolin online, and one of the possible side effects is sleep issues. It fits with my experiences very well. I am also now on prednisolone and on increased clenil. I hope you are right as my energy levels aren't helped with this.

    I haven't tried lettuce - yes, lettuce! Apparently it has something in it which can aid sleep. I could easily eat a little gem each night before bed. Worth considering.

  • Hi.I'm new to asthma too :) . I know that ventolin increases heart rate, maybe your body thinks that you're at a walk already when your heart beats faster resulting in insomnia.I used to listen to meditation videos on Youtube.Will slow down your heart rate for sure, try typing "sleep meditation" or something similar, see if it works for you.Good luck!

  • I will try that! Good idea!

  • And, by the way, I am seeing my GP next week. For me there is a lot to adjust, but then I am a beginner at this.

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