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Basic stuff number two

So my pf has deteriorated over the last few days, no idea why. My top, rare pf is 375, today I have been down to 250. Normal for my age is 360. So went to the out of hours GP service at the hospital. Got prednisolone. That is a first for me. I have so much to learn about myself. And in July I will be abroad for three weeks. I have a normal GP appointment in a week. Any suggestions as to what I need to think to ask for for going abroad?

By the way I am really grateful for the helpful comments you all come up with! And also to the Asthma UK nurse I spoke to a couple of weeks ago.

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The weather and pollen has not been great for breathing mine is not good I blow 350 as an average but I have RLD so will blow a higher level than anyone with asthma / COPD. There does seem to be a lot more than average chest infections for the time of year in our area (midlands)

Might help to learn the huffing technique?

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I would ask my GP what to do if you suffer from an asthma episode whilst away, what are you levels/markers for seeking treatment. Also depending on where you go will you need additional medications such as steroids etc to help you.

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Yes, that is what I plan to do. I am off to Sweden, so there are good medical fascilities, but would prefer to have the right advice and medicines to nip difficulties in the bud. While I am sure they work well I would rather not have my 'normal' meds routine changed just then to have to change it back. So, I want a preventer of problems pack, though as I don't yet know clearly what triggers problems that may not be so simple. It is a steep learning curve.


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