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Asthma and fitness

Hi wondering if anyone else has experience regards having asthma and losing weight. I workout a lot but not much cardio due to asthma and i am trying to drop bodyfat and cannot any more and i am convinced it's due to the medication i have to take every day. Symbicort and montelukast.

Was wondering if anyone else had similar experience.


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I was on just Fostair & the main exercise I do is walking. I lost a stone last year because I have high blood pressure & so the doctor gave me some dietary advice. He advised me to cut down on red meat, so now I mainly eat chicken, turkey & fish with just the occasional beef or cheese meal. I cut my sugar right down & don't have much cake. I can honestly say I've not been hungry on this new regime. I'm now on Montelukast as well & haven't put on weight apart from when I was on holiday & ate too much cake & chocolate. I've been back home about a month & my weight has returned to what it was before the holiday.

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I have successfully introduced cardio along side weights and resistance training but under the strict supervision of a specialist personal trainer at our gym ( no additional cost to gym membership). Started really slowly with just a few mins on a recumbent bike and now can do 15 mins each on bike, treadmill and cross trainer during the session. I now know what is a healthy puff and what is an asthma puff so that helps! I'm on a vast number of meds ( 14 at the last count) and I like you struggled with losing weight. I have also been diagnosed as very vit d deficient so have to have quite a bit of cheese and yoghurt each day which whilst yummy is calorific. Since I have upped the cardio (about 5 weeks ago) have lost nearly 3/4 stone dropped a dress size and feel so much better. So worth getting some specialist advice. Good luck.


Hi I am on flixotide and monkelaust nd am at the moment asthma free. I too am trying to lose weight. Started back to swimming, pilates which I have always done and now aqua aerobics. Feel thinner not going to weigh myself much as ba I find it counter productive. A day of rest is also important when excerising. Consistsly and being able to keep it up.


Thanks for all the replies, more detail on my problem, I used the be a personal trainer and nutritionist, I train very hard and eat a strict diet regards fitness. After a long term illness I lost weight okay over a year but since I am down to around 10 to 12% the last year. I have hardly lost any body fat since and still struggling. I believe it's due to all the meds I take for asthma messing with my body somehow. I believe it also has an affect on strength building.

Thanks all.


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