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Bit of advice please

Hi all put on fostair 3 weeks ago and all was fine at first Infact I could breathe for the first time in months, the last 10 days have been horrible with side effects feel like my insides are shaking and can't stop my hands shaking period and pollen hasn't helped .. Went to see gp today (a locum) and she put me back on seretide which wasn't any good when I used it and loratadine first time on this. I go to see my fab asthma nurse next week so I'm thinking do I put up with the side effects of fostair for a week because it works or do I go back to seretide xx

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I was changed to fostair in January, since then I have slept better but I shake more. Threading a needle is an half hour job, but it helps when whisking a cake, only you can weigh up which side effect you can tolerate , good luck


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