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Steroids or nebulising

Just struggling through a further set back after a cold.

PF dipped after a cold increased nebulising which I thought would help, have had a roller coaster year and had just starting to feel better, and now this. I guess I should have started steroids sooner but I'm always in a delima. I'm on a long term antibiotic which has really helped over past months.

My company aren't very accommodating sadly, and I'm having to take further time off.

I was hoping with better weather I'd started to improve with my health.

Feeling a real recluse, as not able to go out as walking distances real difficult looking into a blue badge seems impossible unless your registered for a Benefit. Or unless your unable to walk far at all.

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Sorry to hear you've been unwell. The folks I work for have been unhelpful as well so you have my sympathy and understanding. Hope you're soon feeling better xx


What's wrong with employers, having asthma isn't an easy thing to live with makes me so mad. Not being able to walk around due to coughing, breathless ness. I'm a Nursery Nurse so this can be a challenging roll at times and you need to have your wits about you. Asthma isn't something you can make up.

I'm just cling on from not being admitted into hospital. Nurse coming in tomorrow to check oxygen/sats as this I think is the deciding factor . So Iv got everything crossed there going to be fine. As unlike before I was In 2 weeks. 😫


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