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I have just been to a extended family get together in Sweden, and when I arrived there it was really hot and pollen count was exceptionally high I was told. I am not a hay fever sufferer, though my eyes can certainly react to allergens. But my chest felt tight basically all the time, and I used ventolin at least three times daily. Can pollen give a tight chest without the nose reacting as well?

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  • Yes it can. I am very allergic to grass pollen which is high at the moment and is likely to be for some months here in England. I do not suffer with stuffy or runny nose, instead my chest tightens. Sometimes my eyes itch really bad too, but mostly I have Asthma symptoms. Taking 2 ceterizine on Consultants advice has really helped. It is better to find an antihistamine which works for you, then you won't need to use your ventolin\salbutamol so much. Allergens can change, so what may not have affected you before, can suddenly start to, and of course the temp, humidity, quantity, air pollution all come into play. You will sort it. Best wishes WheezyAnne

  • Thank you, that is really helpful!! I had my very itchy eyes, from pollen or whatever, the first time ever two summers ago, and I don't think it has happened since. Last summer never had, from memory, not such polleny days. But I do have reactive eyes - cats, for instance, and thwt I am very used to. At that time I did indeed find that pills were far more useful and effective than drops. As I had a bad chest infection not long ago I believe my chest is more reactive, but in addition asthma has crept up on me so I haven't noticed my own symptoms, until now that is. (My daughter, who is an asthmatic, certainly noticed, as did sundry others, it was just me who didn't. A steep learning curve for me.) Anyway, I shall get myself some antihistamine tablets - I need to relearn yet again which do and don't cause sleepiness. Not, from experience, the same necessarily as what it says on the box.

  • Sound just like me. My hayfever is only an achey eye. My asthma nurse put me on monkelaust as my chest was reacting to the high pollen count. Two weeks into taking the medication not tight chest and not taking my inhaler at all.

  • Thank you to you too. It is good to know that this is not unusual, so I can learn trust my own judgement better.

    I have already made an appointment with my doctor as I still have many question marks. I don't think I am fully 'sorted' yet.

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