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Astmha & depression

Evening all ...... Had a relatively good few weeks but only because of high dosages of prednisone 40mg have now tapered back down to my maintenance of 20mg !

See my GP last week about my current state of mind and after a series of questions was diagnosed with depression and am now on metazarpine ...

Unfortunately the two illnesses seem to go hand in hand !!!

Off for my 6 monthly at the Royal Brompton tommorow, so fingers crossed I'll finally get the green light for xolair treatment !!

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Mark-f do you have refractory asthma or bronchiectasis - the latter often being misdiagnosed as the former.

Prednisone has a large number of adverse effects, including depression, that likely outweigh any benefits you gain so is possibly the reason why your doctor has reduced your dosage. There are possibly better alternatives.

Investigate the use of lobelia or other natural remedies to help clear your lungs.

It is a bit controversial so I don't know if you would fancy investigating nebulising with hydrogen peroxide - those who do use it successfully report very favourable results (including on HealthUnlocked).

I'm not sure that hyperbaric oxygen therapy would be of benefit, it does help asthma sufferers, but you could find your local centre and ask them.

Do ensure to eat a healthy diet (low in carbohydrates because of the depression) and include anti-inflammatory foods where possible.


Hi ..... Yes I actually have both, refractory asthma and brochchiectasis which are both steroid responsive !! Try to eat as healthy as possible and also an avid gym user !!

Unfortunately for me the min high dosages of pred are the only meds that keep me stable so it's a case of trying to keep my dosage as low as I can for as long as I can !!


all chronic conditions have a higher incidence of depression in the sufferer. Early/ good identification and treatment by meds and talking therapies show positive results. The pred doesn't help but is not the only cause.

I agree sometimes you need to taker he pred or you wouldn't function and as one senior dr said to me we can support/ help with the did reflects if you are breathing!!

Some days are better than others and there is help out there. Don't worry you are not alone😗


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