Smelly candles

Candles without paffin seems to be the key to not reacting to them with asthma symptoms. I just bought some candles/melts in a shop up steeple hill in lincoln. Took the bus up as my mum couldn't make the climb. When I get home I will burn them and see. Yankee candles are not good make me cough had to put them away from me. Shame as my children had bought them for me one more clue in retrospect that my asthma was getting worse and this was a good few years ago.

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  • I must admit that I only had symptoms from scents, candles etc when my asthma wasn't well controlled. I know everyone is different though. 😀

  • My wife recently got a liking for scented candles & I've been a bit jittery for a while about having them but agreed to give them a go. Thus far all OK...I get more trouble with the smoke you get lighting them & blowing them out.

    The ones that Wilkinsons sell seem good...not overly scented & good value.

    I never thought I'd see the day when I was writing a review of scennted candles...what has my life come to :-(

  • Aaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh. I can't even go into a shop where scented candles are on sale and they're even worse when some homicidal maniac lights them! I haven't been into the Bodyshop for years and even avoid Boots because the perfumes are at the front of the shop.

  • We've got this new fangled electricity!

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