Is a peak flow of 200 low after a nebuliser?

Hi all i don't have a asthma plan and due to a lung operation I don't know what my normal is the reason I'm asking is I'm on antibiotics and nebuliser but not much improvement I'm missing 1/3 of my right lung and I've been told that I have fluid in my lung but it shouldn't bother me the reason I'm on the antibiotics is hayfever induced infection but I was asked to keep a peak flow and it's not very high on a 5ml neb it goes up but not by much I've had it reach 280pk lowest on a 2.5ml neb was today and that was 200pk at what point do I need to think enough hospital it's too low my readings without meds is 230pk from what I've recorded has anyone got advice on this.

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  • Hi I shouldn't think you need hospital unless you are having an exacerbation or are feeling ill. Why not make an appointment with your doctor/nurse on Tuesday to discuss your low readings.

    I am 62 and my average reading is around 300-350 so 200 does sound very low. x

  • I also think you need to tell them you want an asthma plan. If you are in any doubt then please seek help immediately and don't wait. x

  • Thanks for the advice that is the reason I came on here to find out what is classed as low I used to have a plan but things happen my lung dr didn't think my gp needs to follow up with my breathing or let me know what is low now I'm going on a guess of 300pk for the following reasons

    I believe that is a child's reading.

    My old reading before my operation was 350-420pk so 300pk would be a good in-between.

    So with this in mind trying to get close to this is good but how low is too low I was guessing 150pk is bad but when do I need to get out of hours then hospital I know note to guess but I see my lung doctor on June 7th trying to keep going till I can get answers from him for my gp as this isn't acceptable for me or my gp

  • Everyone with asthma should have an action plan. I don't understand why you don't.

  • I have never had an asthma plan and have had it for around 30 years. I guess coz it has always been fairly stable and only mild, x

  • You put you never had a plan yourself because you are mild and don't get set off alot just wanted to check that was right? Everything you said was the exact same for me then I got cancer and a node which I didn't even notice got to my lung I had all the tests done but my gp never got the breathing score the lung dr done the operation and boom I'm bad all the time but the evil lung dr says it's not his fault I haven't had an asthma plan or nurse in over 10yrs but my pk readings used to be 350-420pk

  • I guess that's why I never had a plan. I don't know that for a fact. I did get an annual review in the past 10 years or so with an asthma nurse, who diagnosed me with copd as well around 7 years ago. I am mild in that too thank goodness. x

  • Some Dr's don't think there patient needs to know important information to go on my gp is great but my lung doctor isn't so we don't know what the new low is he wasn't even man enough to tell me by the way you still have fluid on your lung 6months after the operation

  • An asthma plan helps me to know how I'm doing and what I need to do next. If I'm not sure I phone my asthma nurse who is great. If you are worried you should get help, the 7th is too long to wait (I think)

    Hope you feel better soon

  • I have a maximum peak flow of 190. I'm ok, I can live with it. Don't get too hung up on PF readings. It is more about how you feel in yourself. If it helps, get the plan. Get it anyway, even if you think it is no use. You never know.

  • Thanks for the advice I've just done my nebuliser and peak flow but my husband just told me he "thinks" he sees a tinge took awhile to get out of him what he thought best was it looks like I've got a mustache around my lips I don't but my husband isn't the best at these sorta things so I'm going to send a photo to my friend and ask her as I'm now being sick aswell and that's not normal for me

  • I have just phoned Devon doctors as my nebuliser had no effect and during there questions I found my lung doctor hasn't done a plan incase something like this ever happened he done no plan at all with me and when I had a go at them back in December thay where innocent

  • Thought I would update you since my last post about 2hrs ago maybe 3hrs and I said I had contacted Devon doctors well I'm still waiting for someone to come out and by the sounds of it should be paramedics I was told within 30minutes it's closer to an hour since I was told paramedics will update when possible

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