Hi everyone .... Well after feeling awful for a good month, feel like I've turned the corner after two weeks on 40mg of pred and one week on doxy. Starting to taper back down tommorow by 5mg every 7 days to my maintenmce of 20mg. As ever I know it'll start all over again once there (my steroid roller coaster,as I call it)

Any way,breath easy all and try enjoy the upcoming b:Hol as much

As possible 👍😎

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  • I'm so pleased that you are feeling better.

  • Thank goodness for that keep on enjoying the good days and ignore the bad ;-)

  • There's something very pleasing about cutting down on medication, isn't there? I always feel that outwitting my lungs by cutting right down on the meds is a kind of revenge on them for making me ill in the first place.

  • Hi Mark, good luck with the tapering back, take it easy (if you can).

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