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Would you like to share your experiences of asthma and exercise to help improve wellbeing and asthma care in the South Asian community?

Hi everyone,

I am completing a PhD on the experiences of asthma in the South Asian community and their exercise/sporting experiences and any potential challenges. If you are South Asian and 18 or over, would you like to share your experiences and be a part of the study which could improve asthma self management in your community?

Would you be interested in helping?

I would like to hear all your stories and experiences of living with asthma, your cultural beliefs and possibly religious attitudes as well as any challenges or dangers you may face. I have asthma too so I probably will have had similar experiences and we can share these over a nice cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits! :)

And if you exercise or take part in sport, that would be great to hear about but it's not essential.

It would be really helpful if anyone would like to take part as I hope your findings can improve asthma care in our community.

I understand asthma is a huge part of many people's lives and I hope to one day keep conducting research in all communities, including ethnic minority groups. This research is focusing on the South Asian community because there is a lack of research in the area and we must keep adding to this to update healthcare awareness from those who experience it first hand.

Please message me if interested! :)


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