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back to the asthma nurse

Dear All I greatly blessed with having an asthma nurse of 20 years experience. After needing my inhaler (Ventolin) more that 3 times last week. I made myself an appointment tomorrow pm to see her again. Her advise when I spoke to her last was to use my Ventolin when my chest was aching. All this rain has made my chest ache.

Last night I was doing a tour of behind the scenes with my brownies. We were shown the cold storage one whiff of that cold air made my chest ache.

I am on a preventer flixotide 250mg fighting thrush and just generally tired. Roll on half term so I can rest. Time at my parents is always so relaxing.

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Hi elenaoali,

I'm also on flixotide 250 (I use the accuhaler version). Can't do much about changing the weather but I might be able to help with the thrush.

Oral and pharyngeal thrush are not problems I have. I have had thrush deep down in my oesophagus, the cause of which is still disputed. I had to go on anti fungal medication (fluconazole) to clear it. Obviously prevention is better than cure, so to help my system combat it I have taken to consuming live Greek natural yogurt (Fage). It's available from most supermarkets and comes in both a full fat and a low fat version. That, combined with a really thorough mouth rinsing routine after using my steroid inhaler morning and night (gargle and rinse out, clean teeth, gargle and rinse out again) seems to be helping me keep on top of it.

I'm not really a fan of natural yogurt, but I am finding Fage more palatable than others I have tried. Normally I have a banana milkshake consisting of 1/2 pint milk, one banana and a large, very heaped tablespoon of Fage blended together on a daily basis. But I also sometimes have a heaped desert spoon of Fage with a jacket potato and cheese and salad for lunch or tea. Very tasty!

Hope some of this helps.

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Hi thanks for the suggestion I am using the over the counter thrush treatment. Cant do yogurt as my other condition Intersial cystics forbids yogurt was thinking of a botics tablet? Always very careful with oral hygiene

I think I am just tired. Summer sun waking me up at 5am. Doesnt help.


Hi back from seeing the nurse at my local GP. Now been put on montelukast tablet to try to see if will help. The nurse had discuss this before last year. She thinks that as I been using my Ventolin alot everyday bar one last week when the pollen count was up. It could be allergic asthma. So I going to try it for a month and the beauty of this is that if it works it works if it doesn't it doesn't. Need to try it for a month and feedback to my asthma nurse (Judith). They are having their computer system switch over in early june so I will have to ring her.

So another thing to add to my medication I hope and pray it works. So glad to have a prepayment card worth its wait in gold.


I had the same problem. Achey chest in cold or on stormy days or even drinking a cold drink. Was using my reliever inhaler way too much. Was on seretide and flixotide as preventers. Since seeing an asthma nurse and trying different inhalers etc, I am now on Symbicort SMART and the most wonderful pill in the world which stopped my tightness completely AND enabled me to sleep all night (after years of waking up at 3 or 4 every night and finding it hard to go back to sleep). That magic pill is Montelukast or Singulair. Fantastic. Good luck with your asthma nurse. X Sue PS I'm a teacher too.


Just read your last post lol. Hope it works as well for you as it does for me. :)


Hi tanrangasue

I not a teacher but a nusery nurse. I am so tired at the moment have been for the last 3/4 weeks. Dont have any problems sleeping taking amtriplyine for my intersial cystics. So sleep guarnteed. Chest fills like small elephant on It. Not working at the moment due to daughter with mental health problems. Hope and pray montelaust works.


Hi all pollen count is very high but my chest is only mildly aching. I hope and pray the montelaust is working. I would have been taking it two weeks on Wednesday. Promising.


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